We once again thank you for being a ground and a part of our achievement. Anticipating that we will remain connected to fetch the some fruitful results in future.

With your co-operation, support and patronization we have been successfully able to more towards the path of fulfillment of our dreams to acquire the best position in the pasture of detergent technology.

Some of Our Brands

Super Commando :
If is powered with “ Ozolite “ enzyme in the formulation to remove oil/fat containing stains easily removable from the fabric whether in soft or salt water.

New Commando:

Highly formulated with “Actox” for higher resolution of brightness of fabric friendly.

Ultra Deluxe:

In its “Rozana” complex gives an excellent result of washing experience and it works as disinfectant on bacteria and virus likely to be encountered in daily life.


“Calcarf” & “ Aos “ formula gives you a smart and joyful lightening path of experience.

King Commando:

Empowered with “ Bioclean” for better soil removal from clothes and better environmental compatibility.

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